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Our Doctors

Who is Dr. Cooper?

Dr. J.T.Cooper was the founder of this practice. Even though he passed away in 2013, his legacy of helping thousands of patients lose weight and live a healthier life lives on because of our very knowledgeable doctors and staff. Everyone in all of our offices were either trained by Doctor Cooper directly or have be trained subsequently in his time-honored techniques.

Dr Cooper was born and raised in Atlanta.  His undergraduate and medical school training was done at Emory University in Atlanta.  He had a Medical Degree and Master of Public Health degree. He was board-certified in Family Practice and in Bariatrics (medical weight control) as well. Since 1968 I have been actively teaching other physicians the techniques of Bariatric medicine. Dr. Cooper was also a full Colonel in the Air Force and was the author of 9 books.

The practice is owned by Dr. Cooper’s wife Sharon. She has both a B.S. and an M.S. in nursing, plus an M.A. in early child development.  She has published two bestselling textbooks on psychiatric nursing. Her expertise in counseling our patients on ways to conform to their diets has been an invaluable resource.

Today our senior doctor is David Sowell MD, you might see him at any of locations, he is a southern gentleman and a very talented Doctor… with many years of bariatric experience. His medical degree is from the Medical College of Georgia.