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You are seen by a physician every time you come in for an appointment. We respect nurses have them in our offices, but they are NOT doctors. We feel that if you pay a treatment fee you should see a real physician every time you come in to our offices for your appointment. A combination of nutrition, exercise, behavior modification and patient-controlled conditioning is used, with the aim to produce slimmer and healthier bodies and happier patients. Medications can be added to your program if requested — each patient’s need foor medication is evaluated, so that need can be met safely and efficiently.

We do not do bariatric surgery! BUT, we do offer follow up after bariatric surgery because those patients need diet and nutrition assistance also.

We have several diets we use, depending on the ability to do follow-up and the patient’s preference in each individual case. Almost all of Dr. Cooper’s diets are Ketogenic based diets [high protein — low carb]… additionally, Dr. Cooper carefully worked to streamline the fats and sugars within the ketogenic experience for faster and safer weight loss on his diets. An extensive line of diet cookies, food bars, milk shakes and snacks are available at all four offices (but these are not required on our programs).